Indie 2008 identity is contemporary and interested on what is to come. Lets give a chance to the future of cinema. It may start here and now. Follow the coordinates. Enter the New Directors/New Films and discover an unforgettable scene, a new actor, an interesting idea. Think of how many times a day you remember a film scene. Would the cinema have the power to change a life? Could you believe that a film might save your day?

Look forward, to the sky, to the floor; look at the world around you. It is alive. The past will always be part of your essence; move forward. There are 10 new films that have never been shown here before. There is politics, always thorny and hard, but necessary: listen to what the people of Venezuela think about their president (La Minaccia); or the women of Sierra Leone, who had to take up arms (Woman See a Lot of Things). There is the freshness of new names in cinema: North-Americans showing their America (Anywhere USA, Loren Cass), or an Englishman who was born with a camera in his hand (How To Be), a German making a mystery film (Act of Violence), or true indie cinema (Leaving Barstow). There is also the indie challenge: can you switch off and watch the family story of a Philippine director (Years When I Was A Child Outside)?

The program is completed with 2 films presented in the Première session: Joe Swanberg’s mumblecore style (Hannah Takes the Stairs), that will soon after be shown in commercial cinemas throughout the country and Claire Simon French film (Ça Brûle). (D.A)