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Punk is not dead! You knew that, but the photographer Susan Dynner wanted to show more... She recorded many statements that illustrate 30 years of the history of punk rock, exploring this movement’s "adhesion" to a corporate commercial system in the documentary "Punk´s not Dead", launched in September in the USA. The director Paul Rachman, in another approach to the hardcore North-American scenario of the 80s, adapted the book "American Hardcore" by Steven Blush.

Is the world really punk? The Música do Underground program, which has been part of Indie for the past 7 years, has a very specific cross section that brings 8 new productions that viscerally correlate film and music. Two of these productions are about the freedom of being a radical rock musician in Eastern countries – China and Japan – where education is so rigid. "Oriente Desperdiçado", by Kevin Fritz, follows the band Joyside, from Beijing, whose life philosophy is nothing more than "fuck society". Pamela Valente, from Sao Paulo, looks at underground rock in that city in the movie "Rock´n Tokyo", where the Japanese are crazy about rock!

There is also Jem Cohen and Matt Boyd’s experimentalism about the unconventional band from Holland "The Ex", the “sisterz” of the “hip hop world” in South Africa, and the alternative pop in Brooklyn that is establishing itself in New York. The short film “Strange Parallel” by Steve Hanft bring to the scene – with a sense of honor and nostalgia – a kind of video clip from the 90s about Elliot Smith, the most revered Indie pop star. Tune in! (F.A)