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Why is it fascinating to see Nastassia Kinski walking the tightrope to the sound of Tom Waits? What is it that Jane Birkin does not have but that makes Joe D`Alessandro go crazy? What makes a young Italian bourgeois lad fall in love with his aunt in 1964? How can an unexpected meeting in a city called Hiroshima become a love story? Why did Truffaut, when finalizing Amor em Fuga, wonder that his movies are sadder than he thought they were? How does modern life empty relationships and corrupt feelings in that night of Antonioni? Retro Indie answers these and other questions, showing us that cinema is much more than looking forward. Cinema can be to look back, to other times and screens. It can be to look into the soul, the heart and even the entrails. It may be to look sideways, squinting towards other cultures. Retrospective cinema should be reviewed, known and identified under the expectation that other recordings in the present will also leave their mark. (EC)