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A film by Sandra Kogut, Brazil/France, 2007, 95´.
With Thiago da Silva Mariz, Wallison Felipe Leal Barroso, João Miguel, Izadora Fernandes, Romulo Braga, Eduardo Moreira, and others.

Thiago is 10 years old and lives with his family in an isolated farm in the state of Minas Gerais. The local inhabitants are strong-willed people who speak little and are used to living with nature, omnipresent to eyes and ears. His family includes his brothers, an irascible and at times violent father, and a mother that withstands everything in silence and that is secretly interested in her brother-in-law. Thiago speaks little, but his talks with his brother reveal a latent curiosity about serious life issues. He is surprised to discover that a loaned pair of spectacles can show him another world. This movie is an adaptation of the short novel “Campo Geral” from the book "Manuelzão e Miguilim", by Guimarães Rosa.
Sandra Kogut was born in Rio de Janeiro; she currently lives and works in France and the USA. She began her work in the visual arts, with installations and performances. Among her work are Passagers d’Orsay (2003), Passaporte Húngaro (2001), Adieu Monde ou l’Histoire de Pierre et Claire (1997) and Lá e Cá (1995). Mutum, her first feature fiction film, participated in the Quinzena dos Realizadores Cannes Festival (2007) and the Toronto Festival (2007).
06.10 – Usina 1 – 19:00