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A documentary by Cristiane Mesquita e Lucas Bambozzi, SP, 2006, 54´.

Jardelina da Silva, age 73 years, put together real and imaginary story outlines that "close in the whole world". She transforms her biography and world history into clothes, and shouts the "planet newspaper. She records her own image on the Photo Pan, in Bela Vista do Paraíso. Jardelina only accepts whatever she can sign herself; she is the "voice of Jardelina that directs this documentary."
Cristiane Mesquita works in various projects with Diphusa Mídia and the Arte Digital, as well as the Olho Imagem de Moda. She is a doctoral student of psychology at the Núcleo de Subjetividades Contemporâneas ("contemporary subjectivity") (PUC-SP). She is the author of the book “Moda contemporânea: quatro ou cinco conexões possíveis” (Anhembi Morumbi Press, SP, 2004). She was responsible for the survey, screenplay and direction of the documentaries Mas isto é moda?, Carta ao pai and Cinco poemas sobre o corpo.

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist, a documentary maker and a curator. She has worked with various forms of media such as video, movies, installation, site-specific works of art, music videos, interactive projects for the Internet, and digital media. She currently works on a variety of media intervention collective work and live-video performances with the groups Cobaia and FAQ/feitoamãos.
05.10 – Usina 4 – 20:15