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A film by Leah Walker, Canada, 2007, 90´.
The original version with subtitles in Portuguese.

A year after Jake's mysterious death, his younger sibling, the photographer Nika Printz, still struggles to accept this loss. She then becomes fascinated with trephination, an ancient surgical procedure that removes a circular section of bone from the human skull without anesthesia. She starts to follow her brother’s mentor, the musician Charlie Rabbit. While her nightmares appear to become real, Nika follows clues in old pictures, pursuing her brother’s ghost.
Leah Walker was born in Toronto, Canada, where she graduated in the Arts and Cinema. She also studied in New York. Her photography has been published in various Canadian newspaper and magazines. She was a TV producer and screenplay consultant. She directed the documentary Markets and the short films The Beauty Shoppe, The Acrobatic Sex Cult; and The Onion. This is her first feature film.

05.10 – Usina 2 – 21:00
10.10 – Usina 2 – 14:50