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INDIE meets Sao Paulo

Seven years ago the INDIE – MOSTRA DE CINEMA MUNDIAL (INDIE – WORLD FILM FESTIVAL) appeared on a scene that we believed was not particularly attracted to independent filmmaking. This was 2001 and we took up three movie theaters in a city that had for some time lost its film events. Six years later, during a week in April, over 7 thousand people filling the theaters made us sure that the success of a festival results from exchanges and meetings between filmmaking and the wishes of its public.

The question we answered most frequently during the first three editions was: what is indie? For many people the simple explanation of the true meaning of that expression, almost a nickname that independent filmmakers gained from the English language, was enough. For others, the issue was conceptual. But what makes of a film an indie, what makes it different from others, what kind of film is this that I will find by going to this festival?

The history of INDIE has developed since then in the city of Belo Horizonte. Seven editions and 120 thousand spectators later, we are here. Sao Paulo will receive INDIE for the first time thanks to invaluable support from SESCSP and CINESESC. We are introducing INDIE to Sao Paulo by bringing part of the 2007 edition program; we chose 25 films made in 10 countries, mostly by new directors that are cutting a path for themselves in current world filmmaking. To best highlight the INDIE concept, we will also show a retrospective session about the Korean film director Hong Sang-Soo. His work could perfectly answer that question about what is, after all, an indie film; his work is intimate, reflexive, authorial, and at the same time extremely contemporary.

INDIE 2007 wishes to meet Sao Paulo and to bring in some way – in a city with so many choices for experiencing culture – a cinematographic experience; it may not be complete, but we expect it to bring images, permanence and most of all, a reminder and a reaffirmation of the importance of cinema.

A film festival such as INDIE wishes to move closer to risk and further away from certainty. New directors independently made and distributed film, cinema in which sensations have not yet been encapsulated by the market. INDIE always wishes to be ever more indie.

Daniella Azzi, Eduardo Cerqueira and Francesca Azzi
Zeta Filmes