VORTEX AND OTHERS – 5 SHORT WORKS BY YOSHIHIRO ITÔ (Kachû mo hito, sonota no tanpen)
Yoshihiro Itô is one of the most astonishing talents to emerge from within the Japanese independent scene in recent years. His film cycle revolves around the topic of love, and creates a magical space where the subtle meets the bizarre meets the profound.

WIFE'S KNIFE (Samma no hi), 2006, 10 Min.
A woman has bought cheap fish and her husband gradually lapses into a frantic panic. But who is really crazy here?

IMAGINARY LINES, 2001, 25 Min.
On New Year’s Eve 2000 a woman wanders through Tokio. Meeting two men, who shouldn’t exist, the borders of memory, past and present start to blur.

UMESHINJU, 2003, 34 Min.
Two people, who cannot use their arms, meet. What sounds absurd develops into the most poetic meeting of the younger Japanese cinema.

NON-INTERVENTION GAME (Fukansho gêmu), 2008, 10 Min.
A tourist walks through the city and sees strange things: but no matter what happens, the residents ignore it at any cost. Eventually, the man can’t keep keeping out…

VORTEX (Kachû no hito), 2005, 19 Min.
Very inappropriately an ex-girlfriend appears in the apartment, apparently determined to unsettle things. She succeeds, even if not as planned…


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