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A film by Camilo Cavalcante e Cláudio Assis, PE, 2007, 54´.

Two simultaneous journeys in clandestine buses: going from Caruaru (the largest city in the Pernambuco state hinterland) to São Paulo and returning from São Paulo to Caruaru. The flow and movement of these migrants reflect the movement of life, the minor victories and losses that affect each one, and the wish that something may happen to change what has stagnated.
Camilo Cavalcante was born in Recife, he is 32 years old and has worked with audiovisual for the past ten years. He graduated in journalism at the Pernambuco Federal University. He has done 12 videos and movies, having received over 60 awards for them. He is preparing himself to make his first feature film, named A História da Eternidade.

Cláudio Assis was born in Caruaru, Pernambuco state. He directed the short films Henrique (1987), Soneto do Desmantelo Blue (1993) and Texas Hotel (1999), for which he received a number of awards. He directed two feature films in 2007, Amarelo Manga (2002) and Baixio das Bestas.
06.10 – CHM – 19:30