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A film by Chico Teixeira, SP, 2006, 90´.
With Carla Ribas, Berta Zemel, Zécarlos Machado, Vinicius Zinn, Ricardo Vilaça and Felipe Massuia.

Alice is in her forties and works as a manicurist in a beauty salon. She lives in a neighborhood in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, sharing an apartment with her mother, Dona Jacira, her husband, Lindomar, a taxi-driver, and their three sons, Lucas, Edinho, and Junior. After 20 years of marriage, neither Lindomar nor Alice expect much in the way of reconciliation. The taxi-driver saves his sexual impulses for the affairs that he maintains, with a preference for teenage girls. Alice pretends not to acknowledge her husband's infidelities. Enter Nilson, Alice’s old boyfriend from adolescence. Alice sees in him the possibility to realize her romantic dreams, changing the course of her love life and finances. Once more she creates illusions that will lead her to nothing.
Chico Teixeira’s first narrative feature film. A celebrated documentarian, Teixeira is lauded for his ability to get close to his subjects and get them to open up about their innermost feelings. Among his documentaries are Shanty Towns (1989), Old Age (1991), Creatures Born in Secret (1995) and The Inner Me (2000).
05.10 – Usina 1 – 21:30
10.10 – Usina 1 – 21:30