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A documentary by (by episode order): Marília Rocha | Luiz Felipe Fernandes and Alexandre Baxter | João Flores | Maria de Fátima Augusto | Leandro HBL | Armando Mendz and Cristiano Abud, MG, 2006, 75´.

A road movie about rails in four states, 55 cities and 8,000 km of railways. A documentary, eight directors and six episodes including natural scenery and urban landscapes that propose an anthropological journey through these cities and the lives of communities along railways. Trains are as carriers of history and the rails are as timelines. A report of the past arises in the memories. An observation of contemporary space based on quotidian aspects and the transformation of places due to the presence or the disappearance of trains.
Marília Rocha graduated in Social Communication (PUC-Minas) and obtained her master's degree at the UFMG. As a director, photographer, screenplay writer and set organizer, she has made 11 movies including Aboio, a feature film. She is currently making the documentary Acácio Videira: impressões sobre Portugal, Angola e Brasil.

Luiz Felipe Fernandes was the first assistant director in a number of feature films including 5 Frações de uma Quase História, O Balé da Utopia and Vinho de Rosas. He is a partner and director of the production agency Olho de Peixe Cinema.

Alexandre Baxter is a partner and director of the production agency Olho de Peixe Cinema. He has done much work in publicity, institutional films, documentaries and movies as an assistant director.

João Flores is a director of publicity movies. He has directed the documentary Joãos e Mira, and video clips for the music groups Coletivo Universal, Shed, Dead Fish, SNJ, and others.

Maria de Fátima Augusto graduated in philosophy at the UFMG and obtained her master's degree in the Visual Arts. She directed the short films Todo dia na Rua, Crônicas da Vida, Pela Noite, and Olhos de Mulher.

Leandro HBL graduated in Communication and the Arts (PUC-MG). He created the Estúdio Mosquito, and has done projects for the cinema, graphic design, photography, illustration and the internet. In 2003, he joined the audiovisual department of Fabrica, Benetton's research center in Italy.

Armando Mendz is a partner and director of the production agency Camisa Listrada. He directed a number of documentary films, including Água Benta, Fé Ardente; Água Ardente, Fé Benta and Secos & Molhados. He organized the set in the feature film 5 Frações de Uma Quase Historia, in which he directed the episode A Liberdade de Akim.

Cristiano Abud is a director and screenplay writer; he graduated in Social Communication (UFMG), and directed the documentary films O Amanuense e os Grafômanos, Bandeira 2 and Minha Vida é Esta. He directed the episode Título Provisório of the feature film 5 Frações de Uma Quase História, and was its screenplay writer.
11.10 – Usina 2 – 19:15