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A documentary by Cao Guimarães, MG, 2007, 80´.

In Northeastern Minas Gerais three solitary wanderers walk different paths Between Montes Claros and Pedra Azul. Each one of them relates in their own way with the elements of a world in everything is transitory. ‘Andarilho’ is the second movie of the trilogy of solitude by Cao Guimarães (his first movie was “A Alma do Osso”) and deals with the relation between walking and thinking. Based on the constant movement of sound and images, the movie proposed a reflection about life as a mere passageway.
Cao Guimarães was born in 1965 in Belo Horizonte. He studied philosophy in the UFMG and took a master of Arts in Photographic Studies course at Westminster University, London. He currently works with different media and the arts, such as the cinema and fine arts. His works include the feature films Acidente, Rua de mão dupla, A alma do osso, O fim do sem fim, and the short film Da janela do meu quarto. Andarilho is his fifth feature film and was shown in the last Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica, in Venice, Italy.
11.10 – Usina 1 – 21:20