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Honour of the Knights
Honor de Cavallería
Albert Serra|Spain|2006|35 mm|103 min|CI: 14 anos
Forget the Don Quixote you once knew. Albert Serra reinvents, in Honour of the Knights, the classic Cervantes’ story of the delusional and innocent knight of La Mancha and his faithful scribe Sancho Panza. The movie follows Quixote and Sancho’s walk through the Spanish fields, thus showing the friendship and humour that rises out of this long bonding journey. Panza searches for a laurel crown for Quixote, and helps, like a squire, his master to dress in armour. Quixote is then abducted by four men. Melancholy and humour coexist in this poetic take of the road movie and performances from incredible non-actors. (inspired by Miguel de Cervantes)
Screenplay Albert Serra
Photography Christophe Farnarier, Eduard Grau
Edition Àngel Martín
Cast Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat, Jaume Badia, Eliseu Huertas
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Rua Augusta, 2075 | Cerqueira César
19º55'29.1"S 43º57'46.8"W