Retrospective Albert Serra


29 SEP - 09:30 PM - CineSESC
Lord Worked Wonders In Me
El Senyor ha Fet en Mi Meravelles
Albert Serra|Spain|2011|DCP|146 min|CI: 14 anos
The team behind Honour of the Knights travel together to La Mancha, seeking the real settings of Quixote’s life. A filmed letter directed to the Argentinean filmmaker Lisando Alonso, as part of the Correspondències filmiques project, created by the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.
Screenplay Albert Serra
Photography Jimmy Gimferrer, Àngel Martín
Edition Àngel Martín
Cast Martín Angel, Lluís Carbó, Jimmy Gimferrer
Rua Augusta, 2075 | Cerqueira César
19º55'29.1"S 43º57'46.8"W