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Eastern Boys
Eastern Boys
Robin Campillo|France|2013|DCP|129 min|CI: 16 anos
Daniel Muller is a middle-aged man who feels attracted to Marek, a young gigolo that spends his days with a group of eastern-european immigrants at Gare du nord, in Paris. Daniel decides to pick-up Marek for a in-call in his house, but Marek doesn't show up alone on his client's house. A chilling game of seduction and intimidation ensues. Marek returns, after all, to Daniel's house, and their encounters become constant and more intimate. A relationship grows between the two men, but the destructive character of Marek's world won't lie sleeping for much long.
Screenplay Robin Campillo
Photography Jeanne Lapoirie
Edition Robin Campillo
Cast Olivier Rabourdin, Kirill Emelyanov, Daniil Vorobyov
About the director Robin Campillo born in 1962, is a French film director, writer and editor, with Moroccan heritage. Campillo graduated from IDHEC, currently known as La Fémis, and became renowned on the film circuit as screenwriter and editor of Laurent Cantet's films, such as Time Out, Vers le sud and specially The Class, for which he won the César for best screenplay. He started his career as a film director with the zombie feature Les Revenants, now turned into a successful TV series. Campillo researched for a long time on topics such as prostitution and immigration in order to film Eastern Boys, and chose to shoot the movie in his very own apartment.
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