The Names of Christ
Els Noms de Crist
Albert Serra | Spain | 2010 | DCP | 193min | CI: 14 anos
Jesus, the lamb, the son of God, the shepherd, the prince - what lies beneath the names of Christ? How do you name something - a person, an object, or worse, a concept? Albert Serra investigates the nature of names through the course of 14 episodes on this peculiar TV series. Much of the footage was recorded on the facilities of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, but those shots are tangled in day to day scenes, visual metaphors and dreamlike sequences. Based on a classic of Spanish literary canon, De los nombres de Cristo, written in 1586 by Friar Luis de León.
Rua Augusta, 2075 | Cerqueira César
19º55'29.1"S 43º57'46.8"W