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Dos disparos
Dos disparos
Martín Rejtman|Argentina/Chile/Germany/Netherlands|2014|DCP|105 min|CI: 14 anos
Mariano is a 16 years old boy in Argentina. He finds a gun, and without thinking twice, he shoots himself two times. The boy, who never intended to kill himself, survives. The film, directed by Martín Rejtman, follows the effects on Mariano and his family through the aftermath of this dark incident.
Screenplay Martín Rejtman
Photography Lucio Bonelli
Edition Martín Mainoli
Cast Susana Pampin, Rafael Federman, Laura Paredes, Mariel Fernández, Benjamín Coelho, Manuela Martelli, Walter Jakob, Camila Fabbri, María Inés Sancerni, Fabián Arenillas, Claudia Cantero, Daniela Pal
About the director Martin Rejtman was born in 1961, in Buenos Aires, and studied film in New York University. Is one of the figures in the forefront of the new and praised Argentinean cinema, helping kickstart the renaissance of the country's filmmaking community with his film Rapado. His latest film was released 11 years ago, Los guantes mágicos (2003) and before that, Silvia Prieto (1998).
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