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Waiting for Sancho
Waiting for Sancho
Mark Peranson|Canada|2008|Digital|105 min|CI: 14 anos
Subverting the usual order, an actor films his director. Mark Peranson, Canadian editor and film critic at Cinema Scope, was one of Albert Serra’s amateur players in the Birdsong cast, playing the part of Joseph. During the film’s production, Peranson has captured the creative process and unorthodox methods of Albert Serra’s on film, and those tapes became more than a making-of feature - Waiting for Sancho is an investigation on how cinema is built among conflict and chaos. Peranson’s movie features the same surreal landscapes of the Canary Islands that remain so remarkable in Birdsong, this time, filmed in bright colours.
Screenplay Mark Peranson
Photography Mark Peranson
Edition Mark Peranson
Cast Albert Serra, Montse Triola, Lluís Serrat Batlle, Lluís Serrat, Jimmy Gimferrer
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