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Belva Nera
Belva Nera
Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis|Argentina/Italy|2013|DCP|33 min|CI: 14 anos
Myth and reality are tangled in Belva Nera, the story of an Italian hunter that believes that a rare black panther is attacking nearby animals. De Righi and Zoppis transformed a tale that haunted them as kids in a curious mockumentary, in which actual people and their characters are constantly shifting.
Screenplay Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis
Photography Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis
Edition Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis
Cast Enzo Arcioni, Ercole Colnago, Giovanni Morichelli, Tony Scarf
About the director Alessio Rigo de Righi was born in Jackson, USA, and has studied Literature in Rome and Directing in New York. Matteo Zoppis is an Italian, graduated in Law but moved to New York also to study Directing.
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