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07 SEP - 06:30 PM - Belas 3
Talena Sanders|USA|2013|DCP|70 min|CI: 14 anos
"A controversial look into the powerful Mormon community of the North-American mid-west. An insider, Talena was brought up as a Mormon, and reveals in her documentary the nuances of the beliefs, rituals and dogmas of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. According to Talena, Liahona is ""an examination of how mysticism becomes mundane""."
Screenplay Talena Sanders
Photography Fern Silva, Talena Sanders
Edition Talena Sanders
Cast n/d
About the director Talena Sanders is a teacher at Duke University, in USA, a photographer, performer and installation artist, that drew from her own childhood and adolescence as a Mormon in order to film Liahona.
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