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Joanna Hogg|UK|2013|DCP|105 min|CI: 16 anos
D. and H. are a couple, artists with no kids who lived, for 18 years, in the same incredible modern architecture house in London. Divided by concrete and glass, they work in separated areas, and communicate through the intercom. Their sex life is stuck by D.'s doubts and H.'s monotony. Everything seems stable until the couple receives an offer to sell the house, and, while H. sees moving with enthusiasm, D. can't leave her comfort zone behind. The woman blends in and fuses with her space, trying to build her art, her voice and her desire. A film starred by punk legend and ex-The Slits member Viv Albertine and famous visual artist Liam Gillick.
Screenplay Joanna Hogg
Photography Ed Rutherford
Edition Helle Le Fevre
Cast Liam Gillick, Viv Albertine, Tom Hiddleston
About the director "Joanna Hogg was born in London in 1960, made her debut in the world of cinema with a small camera lended by Derek Jarman, film legend and Hogg's mentor. She was then accepted at the National Film and Television School in London and her graduation piece was a film with then unknown actress Tilda Swinton. After a long time directing TV series episodes, such as EastEnders and London's Burning, she decided to put in a film everything she couldn't do in TV. The result was Unrelated, a film that enchanted the critics and revealed to the world the now superstar Tom Hiddleston, also the star on her follow-up film, Archipelago. Hogg is one of the main faces of a new ""kitchen-sink realism"" that rises on British film."
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